Production Update 3: Rolls-Royce Camargue Bumpers

Production Update 3: Rolls-Royce Camargue Bumpers
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Dear Camargue Owner,

I can confirm that our shared project is going rather better than I had expected, and that we are on schedule to have your bumpers ready this month. It is fairly unusual to have what is a relatively complex project remain so close to schedule, but we have benefitted from a committed and able supplier with a workload cleared by Covid-19. The results of that focus are now becoming apparent.

Last month I was able to see completed rear bumper prototypes assembled, and can confirm that all the small issues I observed at the end of July, and which were documented in my previous correspondence, have been fixed. The gap observed between the rear quarter bumper and the stainless steel bumper at the side has been alleviated by connecting the internal metal supports in that area to provide more structure, and by altering the inner profile of the moulding so that it hugs the steel bumper more naturally. A modification to the tool has been made to close the small gap between centre and rear quarter mouldings, which was a flaw I illustrated in my last letter.

As the centre moulding is the same front and rear, all of the above left only the two front quarter bumpers to be tooled and prototyped. This has been a much faster process, as the learning that occurred during the prototyping of the rear bumpers transferred naturally to the front.

I am delighted to say that prototypes have been moulded and fitted to the front bumper. I have been sent a short video, which appears to confirm my supplier’s opinion that the prototyping process has been very successful - view on our Youtube channel:

The next step is formal approval. The supplier is delivering assembled bumpers to our premises in the next week or so, which allow me to make an independent assessment. Assuming that I am happy with the prototypes, we will move to production. It would now appear that it is reasonably likely that I will be able to fulfill all pre-orders during September – although I should say that this is not certain and I prefer to take a little longer if there are any issues that require more time.

Wishing you all the very best, from John and the IntroCar team!

7 September 2020
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