Prestige Parts® Waterpumps: Engineering Excellence for Rolls-Royce & Bentley

   Sep 01, 2023 19:27:00 PM

Prestige Parts® Waterpumps: Engineering Excellence for Rolls-Royce & Bentley

The world of Rolls-Royce and Bentley delves deep into precision engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship. Maintaining this legacy requires components that are crafted with similar meticulousness. This is where IntroCar, with its Prestige Parts® range, offers unparalleled expertise, and is proud to launch a full range of new, boxed waterpumps offered with no exchange required and a 3 year worldwide warranty. Also stocked are a huge range of ancillary products such as gaskets, pulleys, belts, unions, seals to complement any waterpump purchase.

Bridging Tradition with Modern Engineering

Knowing and understanding the demands of classic vehicle maintenance over decades of changing design and application has allowed Prestige Parts® to engineer waterpumps that provide contemporary technological advancements from the original component. very pump, assembled and evaluated in the UK, uses modern sealing technology for optimum performance and longevity. Each casting is x-rayed to detect invisible flaws or porosity.

Most significantly, many of these waterpumps and components are no longer supplied by Bentley Motors (Crewe), so the continuity for the post-war models is further supported by the Prestige Parts® brand. 

Rooted in Precision

Prestige Parts® has, over a decade, established its diverse range of waterpumps and ancilliary components which include:

(Visit this link for the full range of products.)

Value without Compromising Quality

High-quality engineering doesn't necessitate exorbitant costs. Prestige Parts® strikes a balance between competitive pricing and uncompromised quality, further solidified with a 3-year warranty. Prestige Parts® stands apart as an aftermarket solution with unwavering dedication to quality and through its international reseller network, it serves those who prioritize precision and are passionate about sustaining the legacy of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

For those in the automotive industry, whether specialists, mechanics, or Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners and enthusiasts, recognizing quality and precision is paramount. With Prestige Parts® waterpumps, one doesn't just replace a part; they get a new component and engineering excellence at an affordable price point.

Availability & Price Comparison!

Here we list the current items currently available within the Prestige Parts® range, which in many cases are either no longer available from Bentley Motors or at a better price point for owners!


  Bentley Prestige Parts®  
Part Number Price Availability Price Availability Link to Buy 
RE2602 n/a
Buy Now
RE12970 n/a Unavailable £495.00 Available Buy Now
RH211 n/a Unavailable £495.00 Available Buy Now
UE32598 £1,199.99 Available £289.00 Available Buy Now
UE37287 £919.99 Unavailable £289.00 Available Buy Now
UE41094 £659.99 Unavailable £289.00 Available Buy Now
UE42285 £1,499.99 Available £289.00 Available Buy Now
RH13495 £809.99 Available £289.00 Available Buy Now
UE44919 £809.99 Available £289.00 Available Buy Now
RH13521 £649.99 Unavailable £289.00 Available Buy Now
PG56218PA £1,099.99 Unavailable £289.00 Available Buy Now
3Z0198953A £1,099.99 Available  £529.00 Available Buy Now
UE32598FK n/a Unavailable £10.90 Available Buy Now
RH10166 £193.99 Available  £159.00 Available Buy Now
UE42285FK n/a Unavailable £11.75 Available Buy Now


*Prices & Availability correct at time of publishing

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