Video Tutorial : Rear Brake Caliper Rebuild for Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible with Gary Mavers

   May 10, 2023 23:50:00 PM

Video Tutorial : Total Rebuild of Rear Brake Calipers in a Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible 

Gary Mavers (Classic Obsession) is back on his Corniche Convertible. After a rear brake calliper refresh, he sets about completing the list of jobs which include a steering column rebuild, fitting a new freshly painted bonnet and a new door lock solenoid. ⁠ Enjoy this tutorial from Classic Obsession - we are so grateful to be able to support Gary making these videos!⁠

Summary of Gary's Brake Caliper Rebuild Project...

Gary has a new set of pistons, small and large, which will be fitted along with various springs plus a solenoid which he believes will fix an issue with the door. Armed with all the parts he needs it's time to commence work on the car...

First up is the light seals and it’s normally the indicators and lenses that suffer most. A job that is often left or overlooked.

Next it's on to the rear brake calipers. Despite the car currently braking perfectly, Gary had an incident a while back which has led him to this necessary job. He replaces the seals, pistons, and dust covers in the rear brake callipers, as well as the cables for the rear handbrake.

He then demonstrates how to depressurize the high-pressure hydraulic system before working on it to ensure safety.

Gary uncovers a lot of damage within the calipers once inside with the dust covers melted into hard plastic and the clips just floating about. The pads were glazed due to being overheated and were shot. On the piston he uncovers rust and corrosion due to water ingress. 

The all important journal seals are important - if you don’t replace them then after a few hundred miles they can start leaking fluid everywhere which would mean stripping down and going through the whole process all over again.

TOP TIP: "It's also a good idea to put a little smear of copper grease on the back of the brake pads just to stop any squealing. Oh and just so you know, these pads come complete with new pins and clips."

Next up are the handbrake cables. If greased up at regular intervals theses shouldn’t give any trouble, but after years of sporadic use they will eventually fail and seize up and the only option is to replace with new.

On to bleeding the brakes! First the low pressure system driven off the master cylinder: so its engine off, somebody in the car as usual, pumping the brakes, bottom nipple on the calliper. Then onto the high pressure system which is a bit more tricky.. watch the video for the full process!

As Gary replaced both calipers he bleeds the whole system in sequence. 

The last job he tackles in this tutorial is the wonky steering wheel on the Corniche, which has been bugging him for some time!

This video tutorial is a valuable resource for classic car enthusiasts looking to understand more about how to maintain and restore their Rolls-Royce or Bentley. 

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