Will a Road Handling Kit Change My Ride?

   Jan 13, 2023 00:32:00 AM

Will this Road Handling Kit Transform my Rolls-Royce Ride?

Gary Mavers from Classic Car Obsession takes one of IntroCar’s Prestige Parts® Road Handling Kits in order to test the ride difference – both before and after. In this video Gary unboxes the parts, performs the full extensive upgrade himself and then the eagerly anticipated road test!

Classic Obsession's Rolls-Royce Corniche: The Story So Far!

In other earlier episodes of Classic Obsession, Gary performed extensive work on the hydraulic system, the interior, the body and the hood, but after driving the car hard over the last 18 months and after having previously spent 16 years laid up in a barn,  work on the car’s suspension was long overdue. Even just for peace of mind… the car drives perfectly, but nothing lasts forever.

Unboxing of the Prestige Parts® Road Handling Kit

The kit received from IntroCar is their version of the Harvey Bailey Ride Kit for the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow or the Corniche Convertible going from 1965 right up until the 90s.

Shown here is a comprehensive kit:

  • Four Springs
  • Top and Bottoms Seats
  • Anti-roll bars
  • D rubbers
  • Drop links
  • Four Shock Absorbers
  • All the Nuts and Bolts (so there’s no faffing about looking for them!)

Basically, everything is here that you need to fit the kit!

The Background of Road Handling Kits for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars

Some years back Rhoddy Harvey Bailey devised an upgrade kit to eradicate any uncertainty in the car’s handling in order to give it a more precise and deliberate feeling without taking away that magic carpet ride that Rolls-Royce were so famous for. That’s why Gary and many others buy a Rolls-Royce, because they were designed to be the height of luxury and comfort... and if that was taken away from the car then, what have you got?

Will a Road Handling Kit transform the ride of my Rolls-Royce or Bentley?

After a few conversations with IntroCar, Gary decided to fit their Prestige Parts® version of the Road Handling kit to his Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible to put it to the test and dispel any reservations or misgivings, and answer the question people have been asking over the years: ‘will this transform the ride of my car?’

Gary believes that because these cars drive so beautifully, even after years and years of wear and tear, there may be many Roll-Royce drivers out there who are driving around in potential death-traps. After 50 years of wear, being particularly heavy cars – these cars chew through ball joints and shock absorbers – Gary was interested to see when stripping the suspension, how worn it actually is despite its lovely ride. Anyway, without further ado, the moment of truth, Gary gets stuck in to the project.

The shock absorbers weren’t part of the kit, they were an additional extra. When Gary took off his 50 year old originals, he knew the probability was that they would be worn out and compromise the whole experience and he wanted to do the job properly so ensured he had replacement shocks ready.

Installation of the Kit

Please view the attached video to see Gary showing in clear detail each step of the process taken when installing this road handling kit to his Rolls-Royce Corniche, from shock absorbers and ball joints, to springs, seats and anti roll bars!

.. and Gary’s Conclusion? Does this Kit Transform the Ride?

The whole car feels much firmer, but it hasn’t lost that kind of magic carpet ride, which is what Gary was worried about initially. The brakes feel so much better with those new shock absorbers. Entering a roundabout there is absolutely no banking whatsoever. Incredible.

“Not that I didn’t like it the way it was before but, you know if anything, this feels much safer”

When Gary spoke to people initially about making the handling kit upgrade they all advised that it makes a massive difference and he expected to be pleasantly surprised, however this was a complete transformation of the car!

It grips the road, the steering feels lighter, the brakes feel more responsive; it just feels like the same car but…new. Even round bends it just grips the road.

Gary knows this might not be for everyone as some people don’t like their classics driving like a modern car. It is simply down to personal choice.

“Am I glad I did it? You bet. Would I do it again with all that work and expense? In a New York second.”

Final Thoughts: Rolls-Royce and Bentley Aftermarket Parts

Gary had a message from someone asking how he could even think about putting aftermarket parts on his Rolls-Royce? The answer is simple. Take a look at the pile of old parts shown in the video.

Just because your Rolls-Royce looks pristine and drives beautifully and you only take it to the odd show and the odd family trip that doesn’t mean to say you don’t have a responsibility to yourself, your family and the safety of other drivers.

These new suspension parts (shown here on the video) are now fitted to Gary’s Rolls-Royce Corniche giving him piece of mind.

Removed from the Car...

Newly Installed...

... and the Prestige Parts® Range?

Gary has done a bit of research into Prestige Parts®; they have spent fortunes in developing and remanufacturing obsolete Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts and in most cases they’re better and more efficient that the 50 year old originals. When you think of it most classics die because parts are no longer available and they end up being scrapped… so companies like IntroCar are actually keeping dreams alive. Isn’t that what the classic car community is all about – rescuing cars and keeping them in the road for many years to come? We’ll leave you with that thought!

Road Handling & Road Holding Upgrade Kits


  • Bentley Corniche (1965-1979)
  • Rolls-Royce Convertible Silver Shadow 2-door & Rolls-Royce Corniche


  • Bentley Mark VI & Bentley R-Type
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith & Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn


  • Bentley S1, Bentley S2 & Bentley S3
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Silver Cloud II & Silver Cloud III


  • Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow & Silver Shadow II
  • Bentley T1 & Bentley T2


  • Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, Silver Spur (to chassis 02965)
  • Bentley Mulsanne & Brooklands (to chassis 02965)


  • Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, Silver Spur (from chassis 02965)
  • Bentley Mulsanne & Brooklands (from chassis 02965)


Fixing Kit

  • Cars not originally equipped with Rear Anti-Roll Bar


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