Window Motors for Rolls-Royce & Bentley models from 1965 to 1995 now in stock.. all thanks to the inspiration from a customer!

UD11391NF supplies all the parts required to upgrade the original square type window motor UD11391 including:
  • 1 x Round Window Motor UD71195 with fixing adaptor plate (bracket)
  • 1 x Nylon Drive Adaptor RH9610 (motor to chain drive mechanism)
  • 1 x Wiring Loom UD11391LM
  • 2 x Relays UD26632
The kit is available on an outright basis, with no additional core charges, and may be fitted without any further modifications to the vehicle. Fitting Instructions can be found here. This Upgraded Kit is for the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I (Early) and the Bentley T1. UB30041NF motor window lift update kit Window Motor Upgrade Kit UB30041NF replaces the window motor UB30041, again supplied with all the parts required to install it. This kit is for all models from 1965 to 1986 with Chassis Numbers (VIN) up to 36421. It is supplied new, boxed and ready to fit with no exchange required. UD72242NF replaces Bosch motor UD72242 which is no longer available. We also have RH2786 for the late Silver Shadows to 1986, and UD71195 for models with VIN 36422 all the way up to Spirit series.  

John Tupper (Managing Director, IntroCar) explains more about these motors and the background to why we introduced the range.

[embed][/embed] Why We Introduced these Motors? The Story! John Tupper: So, what happened with this window motor is that a good customer of ours came to us and said that they have been offered an electric window motor by one of the suppliers to Bentley. Bentley had not wanted to restock it and this customer was using that particular motor to solve a number of problems with window motors for a various number of cars. Window motors were not available, they were having to recondition but basically, they were using that basic simple window motor to fix a number of problems. They had been buying it from Bentley, Bentley didn’t want to reorder, but they didn’t want to buy as many as the suppliers wanted to make. So, they approached me and asked me if I would buy them in order to make then available again. So, what was interesting about that was that I realized pretty quickly that we could use this motor and roll it out across even more products or even more ranges of vehicles so that one motor, with a few small changes, could be used to fix an entire range of window motors or window motor problems. So, you could buy an off the shelf, brand new window motor to fix a large range of cars. And over the course of around about 18 months, which is the length of time it was taken for us to develop all the little parts that you need, we have now developed a range of 4 different part numbers, all based around the same window motor, but will replace any window motor for four door Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars built from 1965, all the way through to 1995. And, of course none of those motors are available brand new from Bentley. So, we are the only company that manage to produce those, and it was a very simple thing that came from a customer. We just rolled out and try to get all the value we could out of it and it’s a product that otherwise you would have to buy on a reconditioned basis. So that was kind of the big kind of Eureka moment that was just to take one solution and spread it across several different problems and apply it to those. Do you know what the part numbers are? Yes, we have done one for the early Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow & Bentley T Series, which replaces the square window motor, that many people will be familiar with, and that’s part number UD11391NF. Then there is the later motor, which is a round motor which originally had a cog, but we've supplied that with an adaptor plate and a small nylon drive adapter, so you can replace that cog drive motor with a pin drive motor and that’s part number UB30041NF. Then there is a motor that does the Late Silver Shadow II all the way through to 4-door cars built to 1986, and that’s part number RH2786. Then from 1987 up to 1995, they were equipped with a smaller Bosch motor which was also not available, but this motor with an adapter plate and also another separate drive adapter is UD72242NF; and I am amazed I remember all those part numbers off the top of my head! What does the NF stand for if anything? We borrowed that, and it means "Non Franchised" which we just use as kind of a catchall for when we’ve got a product which is not the original genuine product but something that we are adapting to do the job. It is based mostly around an original Lucas motor so some of the original tooling that was used in Lucas Motor, so it is at its heart, a factory original component which we’ve just modified and adapted and made to do a bit more than it was originally designed for. All these are available now? On the shelf & fully available now! Supplied with a three year warranty? Three year warranty, no modifications necessary to the car, this is just plug and play, put them in and replace them, pretty simple. One of them has some instructions included because there's a wiring loom that you have to replace but its very straight forward, all the wires match the colors on the car so it’s a straight yellow goes to yellow, red goes to red, green goes to green etc. Could I do it? (NB. Annika Impallomeni = No experience with cars!) Yeah, you pretty much could do…you can certainly plug it in, whether you want to fit a window motor or not, probably not!

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22 March 2018
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