Attending the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club Annual Meet in San Diego!

   22 June 2022

IntroCar at the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club (RROC) Annual Rally 2022

This year is the 70th RROC Annual Meet, and also marks the 50th Anniversary of the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club San Diego Region, so there was nowhere better to be hosting this annual celebratory social event for members!

Arrival & Set Up

The Dana on Mission Bay is an extremely welcoming hotel to turn up to late at night with a beautiful view of the bay! Our week started with a set up in the Vendor's hall which is a bright venue space right next to the waterfront and the outdoor patio and restaurant area. It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces who we haven't seen since Lake George at the 2021 Annual Rally. 

All the RROC and RFO team are here along with Brad Zemcik - the tireless organiser of this event. It is certainly no mean feat to put on an week long rally like this, with around 225 members in attendance and around 135 cars to display and judge this coming friday! 

We were welcomed with a fun evening Meet & Greet in order to make sure we could connect with all the new attendees arriving in throughout the day.. of course it went well past the 8pm end time as no one was quite ready to leave!

Activities & Social Events

There are endless day time activities for enthusiasts including seminars, business meetings, keynote sessions, technical seminars, dinners and dawn patrols! Our good friend hitched a ride in a 1920 Silver Ghost (fire engine red) Open Tourer! Whilst the early start was tiring after a very long transatlantic journey to get here, the views and experience were well worth the effort!

The Silent Auction

Many donors have contributed to the popular Silent Auction this year and the bids are already over $4k with two more days to go!

Bentley Welcome Address

Bentley gave their keynote speech on the Tuesday afternoon and described what they've been up to this past year since their last update in Lake George... which included driving 6 Bentayga's off road(!) and enjoying their record sales year with over 14k cars sold worldwide - the majority of which were sold into the US. The Bentley portfoliowas discussed in detail and we were given a lot of insight into plans for the future in the move to electric!

The RROC Annual Meet Agenda at a Glance!

Date Event Type Event
Monday, June 20th Business Meetings RRF AGM
    RRF Board Meeting
    RROC Board Meeting
  Social Activities Meet & Greet
Tuesday, June 21st Business Meetings Activities Committee
    Regions & Societies and Membership
  Keynote Session Bentley Motors
  Technical Seminars Modern Car Society Seminar #1
    Phantom II Society Seminar
    Early Post War Society Seminar
    Bentley Drivers Club Roundtable
  Social Activities Dawn Patrol (City Tour)
    Watt's Collection
    Bentley Welcome Dinner (San Diego Air & Space Museum)
Wednesday, June 22nd Keynote Sessions Hagerty Insurance
    Rolls-Royce Foundation
  Technical Seminars Modern Car Society Seminar #2
    Silver Ghost Association Seminar
    Vintage Car Appraising Seminar
    Goshawk Society Seminar
    Silver Cloud Society Seminar
  Social Activities Dawn Patrol (Coastal Tour)
    Cabrillo National Monument Tour
    Watt's Collection
    Only Yesteryear Auto Museum
    Fiesta on the Lawn
Thursday, June 23rd Business Meetings Team Captain's Meeting
    Owner Orientation Meeting
    Judges' Meeting
    Car Evaluations
    Youth Judging Meeting
  Keynote Sessions Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
  Technical Seminars Derby Bentley Society Seminar
    Modern Car Society Seminar #3
    SU Fuel Pumps & British Measurements Seminar
    Phantom III Society Seminar
    Post War - Shadow Carburetors Seminar
  Social Activities Ride in your Dream Car
    Watt's Collection
    Only Yesteryear Auto Museum
    Evan's Collection
Friday, June 24th Social Activities Judging Day
    Judging Day Lunch
    RRMC Awards Banquet