IntroCar's Prestige Parts® Highlights for Rolls-Royce & Bentley: November 2023

   Nov 16, 2023 23:37:00 PM

Monthly Insight: IntroCar's Prestige Parts® Innovations for Rolls-Royce & Bentley

Each month, John Tupper and Annika Impallomeni, co-directors of IntroCar, take us through this month's new additions to the Prestige Parts range, detailing more about the products and the research and development which goes into each project. This month, every new addition is a product no longer available from Bentley Motors, plus we get a sneak peek at an exciting new product launch coming in 2024!

Part 1 : Reintroducing Subframe Mounts for Vintage Rolls-Royce and Bentley Models: UR72173-X and UR21446-X

Our first highlights are Front Subframe Mounts (UR72173-X and UR21446-X), vital for connecting the subframe to the car body, thus supporting the suspension and engine. These components are particularly significant due to their role in maintaining vehicle stability and performance. Over time, the degradation of these parts, especially in vehicles over 50 years old, can lead to significant issues like knocking sounds, looseness in the car structure, and in extreme cases, the detachment of the subframe from the car's body.

John details the production process, emphasizing the high manufacturing standards and rigorous quality control. He notes that the parts were produced by OEM suppliers who also cater to major automotive brands. This ensures top-notch quality, with each part meeting strict specifications. Watch the video to find out more!

Part 2: Reinforcement Brackets and Bump Stops : UR15063-X and UB20098-X

Part 2 of our month's updates focuses on a reinforcement bracket and bump stop, both no longer available from Bentley. The brackets have been reintroduced to include an e-coating process. This electro-coating process, distinct from traditional paint, attaches to the metal underneath, effectively preventing corrosion, a feature particularly important for parts like springs and road springs.

The bump stop, used in the front subframe for cars from 1965 to 1998 and in the rear trailing arm from 1965 to 1980, has been reproduced to OEM standards, ensuring they match the original parts. The manufacturing process involves deep draw pressing, a technique requiring significant force to shape the metal into the desired form, with a focus on maintaining strict tolerances.

Both these parts are available now, providing a much-needed solution for owners. Despite the complex manufacturing process, they are priced comparably to their original cost, making them accessible and practical options for Rolls-Royce & Bentley maintenance.

All about eCoating!

Part 3: Rear Suspension Trailing Arm Rebound Strap : UR15615-X

In this segment, the key focus is the development of a rebound strap, a component critical for vehicles from 1965 through 1980. John explains the function of this strap, which supports the trailing arm—a part akin to the wishbone that supports the rear spring of the car. The rebound strap is designed to prevent the wheels from dropping excessively when the car is lifted, thereby maintaining proper suspension alignment. Due to its rubber-to-metal composition, this part is prone to degradation and breakage over time.

John also addresses the challenges faced by concours-level car owners in maintaining these classic models in the absence of such components. He notes that while makeshift solutions like painting and rubber application might provide a temporary fix, they fall short of the professionally bonded quality of the original parts. The reintroduction of these straps ensures that owners can maintain their vehicles to the highest standards, preserving both appearance and functionality. Watch the video to find out more!

Part 4: Door Frame Decals, Carburetor Vacuum Valve Diaphragm and Wiper Motor Park Brakes: PP59808PA-X, UE34029-X, CD5726.01-X, CD5726.02-X, CD5708.01-X, CD5708.02-X

Decals for Door Uprights: John introduces a decal set, used on the uprights of the doors for Silver Seraph and Arnage models. These decals, made from a special 3M material, were challenging to produce due to the difficulty in finding the right material with specific thickness, adhesive quality, and light reflection properties. Despite the challenges, these decals, important for maintaining the car’s aesthetic, are now available.

Carburetor Vacuum Valve Diaphragm: The next product is a vacuum valve used in the fast idle system of early Silver Shadow and T1 models. This part, critical for regulating the car's idle speed when the air conditioning is on, is a diaphragm that often becomes brittle iover time. The newly manufactured diaphragms are now available to replace the older, worn-out parts.

Wiper Motor Park Brakes / Couplings: The final products introduced are small but crucial component for the wiper motors. The park brake, a part of the wiper motor's parking mechanism, often experiences fatigue and breakage. The manufacturing process involves precision laser cutting and folding to create a part that allows for simple repairs to otherwise serviceable wiper motors in Rolls-Royce & Bentley motorcars.

Part 5: Behind the Scenes Follow Up

In the final part of their video series, Annika engages John in a quick-fire question session, revealing insights into the Prestige Parts® range and the development process of their products.

What project are you MOST excited about launching?

Whilst John doesn’t dwell on past projects, he's particularly looking forward to completing the development of Active Ride Shock Absorbers for Rolls-Royce and Bentley models from 1990 to 1998. These shock absorbers are crucial for maintaining the smooth driving experience of these vehicles. John anticipates their completion by the first half of 2024, marking a significant milestone given the complexity and length of the project.

The introduction of these shock absorbers will address a future availability issue, as they might eventually no longer be supplied by Bentley Motors. Cars equipped with properly functioning Active Ride shock absorbers and control modules drive exceptionally well, a characteristic he finds particularly enjoyable - replacing these with standard shock absorbers doesn’t provide the same responsiveness to road conditions.

How long does each part take to bring to market? 

The development duration for the featured parts here range from a few months to about a year. John attributes the lengthy process to rigorous steps involved in sourcing, quality appraisal, getting approvals for designs, manufacturing samples, certification, and finally, production.

How many new products are in development right now?

IntroCar is currently working on more than 50 but less than 100 projects, a testament to their ongoing efforts to provide high-quality parts for these classics where otherwise unavailable.

Featured Parts: Available Now!

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