Distributor Caps for Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars: The Facts

   29 March 2018
Matt elaborates on the key differentiations of the Distributor Caps for these Rolls-Royce & Bentley models which includes Part Numbers: CD876PT-X RH2668-X CD3044-X CD6210-X UE46153-X [embed]https://youtu.be/YWq14I0pJ9s[/embed] "This is Matt from IntroCar with our next video. What I thought we would talk about today is distributor caps. I’ve got the full range of distributor caps here, starting from 1947 up to late Turbos and Spirits with twin distributors. Starting off with the 6 cylinder distributor cap, so all cars from 1947, Mk VI, Silver Wraith, Silver Dawn, R Type, S1, Silver Cloud I. Delco Remy distributor, it’s got the flat top, so it’s got side entry. The leads come in the side here and sit on spikes, the cap presses them on, there are no push in leads. So, that’s that. Very nice-looking thing, looks original. The next one is for the Cloud II and the Bentley S2. Originally it should have looked like this, but slightly bigger for the 8-cylinders. This is 6-cylinder, this is for the V8. You can’t easily buy this Delco Remy type cap for the S2 anymore or the Cloud II. This is a modified cap which takes push-in leads and we supply leads as well for it. Moving on to the Cloud III. It changes to a Lucas distributor. This has got screw-in leads, we also supply leads for that. This cap is for Silver Cloud IIIs, Bentley S3s, early Silver Shadow I’s with twin points and T1s with twin points. Then they changed to the single point distributor for Silver Shadows and T1s which takes this cap, which is basically very similar, but it’s got push-in leads, instead of screw-in. The same cap goes over to the electronic ignition on late Shadow Is and Shadow IIs, late T1s and T2s and also on Silver Spirits and Silver Spurs. That cap stays in a lot of Spirits quite late on, but on the Turbos, they go to a tandem distributor which has two of these caps. As you can see there’s only four posts, but it’s a V8, so it’s a twin distributor, there’s a little drive belt which can break, which can make it only run on 4-cylinders. That is the last of the line of distributor caps, after that they go to separate coils, so you just have one coil for each cylinder and one lead goes from the coil directly to the plug. That’s it. I tried to keep it a little shorter. If there’s anything else you want me to discuss or comment on, please comment below and I look forward to the next video!" Join the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Restoration Group on Facebook to see videos like this and access to other advice, comments, and tips on restoration and parts for Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor cars. Check the RR - Technical Video Library for more.]]>
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